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Mystery #3 Bulldog Drummond in Africa

Mystery Movie #3

Bulldog Drummond in Africa

From the DVD Sleeve:Bulldog's wedding plans are put on hold when his fiancee Phyllis witnesses the violent kidnapping of long time pal and wedding guest Colonel Neilsen of Scotland yard. The chase leads to far away Morocco where a foreign spy ring headed by the ruthless Richard Lane holds the Colonel prisoner
Starring John Howard                                                                                (1938) B&W 58 Minutes Unrated

This is movie number five in the eight film Bulldog Drummong series from Paramount. Most the cast is in tact.

John Howard returns for his fourth time as Bulldog Drummond. Reginald Denny and E.E. Clive return for their fifth time as Algy and Tenny respectivly. Two changes in cast mark entry number five. Heather Angel returns as Phyllis. She appeared in the first Bulldog Drummond movie was replaced for the second, third and fourth movie and now returns here in the fith installment. Finally H.B. Warner replaces John Barrymore (Who replaced Sir Guy Standing in movies two, three and four) as Colonel Neilson.

H.B. Warner is one of those actors who has been in everything. Most people probly remember him as Mr Gower the pharmasist from Christmas perennial It's a Wonderful Life.

But long before that he was a well respected actor portraying Jesus the Christ in King of Kings

He had a long career making over a hundred+ movies. His last film would be the Cecil B. Demile extravaganza The Ten Commandments

Onward to the plot...

Bulldog Drummond is sequestered in his estate awaiting his wedding. To make sure there are no interuptions this time he is locked away without transportation, guns, money or pants. That explains the odd start to the movie when our hero and faithful butler appear pantsless.

But it isn't Bulldog's fault the wedding gets delayed this time. Phyllis witnesses Colonel Neilson being kidnapped by spy Richard Lane. (So much for the mystery...we know whodunit...on to the adventure)

The Colonel has been kidnapped for some valuable war information the spy ring wants. Phyllis summons Bulldog to the crime scene. A little comedy byplay as Algy chases Bulldog from scene to scene trying to reunite him with his pants.

The bad guy escapes to Morocco. Bulldog and crew follow. They are immediatly detained by authorities in Morroco and held in the local hotel. Bulldog and friends escape, track spy Richard Lane to his lair. The Colonel is being threatened for the secret information in a very nice polite British way. The Colonel not wanting to divulge the information politly insults his captors with a toast


There's a gunfight and a fistfight with the bad guys and eventually top baddie Richard Lane is thrown to the lion. (Got to have a else will you know it's Africa)


 The film moves at a slower pace than other entries in the series. The acting and dialogue both seem a little wooden. It feels like the actors are just going through their paces grinding out one more movie. Sound quality and video are watchable. Not a great entry in the series.

It's amazing the star power you can find in these early cheapies. Standing between H.B. Warner and J. Carrol Naish (Famous for being every bad guy in every movie from the 1930's) the tall dark handsome actor is...?

Don't blame you if you don't recognize him. Oscar winner Anthony "Zorba the Greek" Quinn.

Want to watch it? You can see it here

Movie Count: 3 down 247 to go

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